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  • Tagline: A new cryptocurrency focused on making greater decentralization possible and delivering institutional-class endurance.
  • ELI5: A cross-chain currency
  • Type: Currency
  • Competition: Bitcoin, Nano
  • MVP:  In progress, getting audited
  • Roadmap: 
    • Q1 2018 – Ethereum version
    • Q2 2018 – Ethereum Classic version
    • RSK, Qtum versions TBC


  • Key Players: Strong team led by Jeff Garzik
  • Advisers: Good crypto advisers
  • Vesting Period: Released over 3 years

Token Metrics

  • Ticker: MTN
  • Total Cap: Not set
  • Highest Bonus: Unknown
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000
  • Sale Supply (80%): 8,000,000
  • Price: Auction format so price will decrease over time if MTN still available


  • Summary Notes: 
    • Strong team, strong advisers
    • Descending price auction so final price may be high
    • Simple proposition with an upper threshold on increasing features
  • Fundamentals: BBB
  • Overall: BBB
  • Our Personal Strategy: Small to medium buy but will depend on auction

Other Details

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