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  • Tagline: A Universal Blockchain Protocol Enabling Cross-ledger Access through Business Modularization
  • ELI5: A cross-chain ledger
  • Type: Development platform
  • Competition: Polkadot, Wanchain, Fusion
  • MVP: Interoperability MVP due in June
  • Roadmap: 
    • Q1-Q2 2018 – MVP with crosschain consensus (Ethereum first)
    • Q3-Q4 2018 – Bitcoin sidechain; Alpha release
    • 2019+ – First release


  • Key Players: Decent team with David Cao having good enterprise experience
  • Advisers: Polymath and Factom advisers
  • Vesting Period: Two years

Token Metrics

  • Ticker: OLT
  • Total Cap: $15,000,000
  • Highest Bonus: 25% private pre-sale bonus
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Sale Supply (35%): 350,000,000
  • Price: 1 OLT = $0.04


  • Summary Notes: 
    • Leadership has enterprise experience
    • Strong blockchain advisers
    • Ambitious project with no MVP at present
  • Fundamentals: BBB
  • Overall: BBB
  • Our Personal Strategy: Medium buy (if possible)

Other Details

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