The Self/Hacker site uses various sources to get its great images, photos, icons and a whole lot more.

Where possible, we will link and credit any free/creative commons content directly on the page where it is used on our site but in certain circumstances, this is not possible (e.g backgrounds) so we have instead listed these particular content on this page. If you are the content owner and not happy with this or our how we have used your work, please do get in contact.

We here at Self/Hacker want to thank the companies and individuals that make this content freely and readily available for everyone to use including ourselves.

The following pages use Flickr images which are licensed under Creative Commons:

“SPECIAL SET – 16x hi-res Neourban Hipster Office” from markus spiske (Flickr: markusspiske)
“Pomme” from Kristina Servant (Flickr: xkristinax)
“Dock at sunset” from Susanne Nilsson (Flickr: infomastern)
“book sale loot” from Ginny (Flickr: ginnerobot)
“Fairbairn Steam Crane” from Rob Brewer (Flickr: rbrwr)
“40+267 Weekend” from Bark (Flickr: barkbud)

This document was last updated on December 30, 2015

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